Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Wild Bird Wednesday 144 - Silver Gulls

These are some more images from my recent boat trip out on to Port Phillip Bay, if you have not caught up with the albatross from that trip, have a look here.

Silver Gulls are our default gull here and they are generally just dismissed as 'seagulls' by most people - but seeing as I saw these on the bay, are they bagels? (!)

The traditional classification of this species places it, along with most other 'gulls' within the genus Larus - and when paired with the specific name novaehollandiae its name meant Ravenous Australian Gull - which is just about perfect.  Today this bird is placed within the genus Chroicocephalus along with many other smaller gulls. This name refers to a dark or coloured head, which is only visible in this species as a juvenile.  Sometime progress is not progress at all really!

I think of these images as being in two groups - the first are the individual birds, where the thing that most strongly drew me to the images was the way that the light is passing through the primary feathers on the wings - I really like the ghost like quality of those images.

The second batch of images are group shots of gulls following our boat fighting for scraps - I have tried various crops to build balance in these pictures.  While I have cropped to remove a few wind tips and such like, the rest of the birds are as in the original images (i.e. no cut and paste!).  I really like these for the wildness they show.

Due to the pale nature of most of these images, they really do look much better bigger and with a dark surround.  So, please click on one of them to bring up the slide show!

And now it's over to you - click the blue button and off you go.  Could I also remind people that I would really like it if they could invite any (bird) bloggers they know of who may enjoy being part of WBW to come along and join in!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Melbourne Central

A short while ago I had to go into the centre of Melbourne for a work meeting.  I paused for a coffee in Melbourne Central, a shopping centre with a preserved 'shot tower' at its heart!.

This tower used to produce lead shot.  The tower was preserved under a conical glass roof in 1981 when the shopping centre was built.  Its not a sight you see in many shopping centres!

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Monday, 20 April 2015

Red in the rain

During a rather damp walk home from work I noticed these red leaves.  I liked the bright colour and the wet rain shine surfaces.  I also wanted to find out how the camera on my phone would deal with less than perfect like; pretty well, I'd say.

I also liked the sycamore / maple (who knows) seeds in the second picture.

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Friday, 17 April 2015

Autumn sky with kayaks

Very short post today.

I found these kayaks pulled up on the beach at Point Lonsdale in Victoria.  I really liked the blue boats and the blue sky combination.

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